studio KOKOBERLIN is specialized in content-driven design, mainly focusing on the fields of identity design, branding and fine crafted graphic design.

studio KOKOBERLIN is covering a wide range of visual communication, design, illustration and visual-artwork: It's all about creating unique and individual visual apperances to communicate the specific message and attitude of a company, product, person, project or idea via an individual and memorable way. This often includes a mix of analog and digital techniques and styles.

studio KOKOBERLIN stands for analytical, associative and future-oriented thinking : Changing the perspective , observing, questioning of actions and processes : planning , (re)searching , tinkering , combining , assembling, designing , rejecting , revising...

Design provides the chance to set oneself apart, to stand out of the crowd and to be perceived in a positive, memorable way. A stable positioning on the market – consistency in content and aesthetic point of view – offers the possibility of a credible, authentic and convincing communication.

The strategic use of design improves the visibility and moves the relevant in the focus of attention – online and offline. The reduction and integration of complexity to mediate information and knowledge is an important task. Designs plays a mediating role, it has an interface function and can help to improve communication. Design makes knowledge available. It accomplishes orientation, has an unconcious affect and can make our world more beautiful.

studio KOKOBERLIN is practicing a comprehending and critical design for the analog and digital world. User centered design is not only concerned with the surface and appearance, it engages mainly in the possibilities of communication, transaction and interaction – it keeps the needs of the user in focus.

Depending on requirements, studio KOKOBERLIN cooperates with partners from other creative fields such as photography, architecture, coding, video, text and sound-design.